Ecological fossil fuel alternatives

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Agua es fuente de la vida

El valor de cualquier sociedad civilizada es el ahorro y crecimiento de los recursos naturales. Agua - uno de los componentes esenciales de la vida en la Tierra. El uso constante de los recursos hídricos sin recuperación lleva a la reducción de los océanos del mundo y el empeoramiento de las condiciones de vida de los seres humanos. Leer más»

Tratamiento de agua para piscinas

Renewable EnergyTecnología de tratamiento de agua para piscinas son diseñadas por FTL para maximizar características de comodidad y explotación de las piscinas.

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Abastecimiento de agua para hoteles y edificios

Renewable EnergyActualmente el problema de abastecimiento de agua para hoteles y edificios residenciales es bastante agudo. FTL tiene la solución de este problema. 

Tratamiento de agua residencial


Renewable EnergyCompañía FTL presenta en el mercado español las soluciones de la marca estadounidense Jet del tratamiento de aguas residuales domésticas.

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Tratamiento de agua comercial


Renewable EnergyCompañía FTL presenta en el mercado español las soluciones de la tratamiento de agua para las instalaciones comerciales e industriales.

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La empresa FTL sólo trabaja con socios de renombre. Los productos de los socios FTL garantiza la persistente labor de Su producción.

JET Incorp.

Our Commitment Statement: If you want to experience honest, dependable, responsive, service-oriented wastewater treatment specialists, you want Jet - a company founded on innovation and anchored by service.

Founded in 1955, David S. MacLaren acted on an innovative idea. While working closely with his father, Albert MacLaren, they designed and patented an aerator for family homes that would more effectively treat and dispose of residential wastewater, changing the technology in the wastewater treatment business forever! A close look at our competitors will highlight how much of an innovator we are as most of the competing concrete tanks are modeled after our design, but they can’t copy another Jet innovation, our patented BAT® media. This makes Jet the true pioneer and a leader in onsite wastewater treatment both in residential and commercial settings. Offering a high level of customer service and cutting edge products in an ever changing industry, Jet is the LEADER in wastewater technology. Jet’s representatives design, install and service the best products in the industry!

Glong Electric

Glong Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest motors and water pumps manufacturers. Our company possesses modern standard workshops for more than 60,000 square meters, equipped with advanced and excellent production, machining and testing equipment. We employ experienced and intelligent staff, with a researching and developing centre, always keeping close eyes on the latest development of relative products and technology, and have an efficient administrative producing system.

Our main products are aluminum electric housing, cast iron electric housing, swimming pool pumps, bathtub whirlpool pumps and stainless steel multi-stage pumps. Our products have been granted by "TUV" with the certificates of CE, GS, RoHS and CCC. Our products are popular in many countries and areas.  

With nineteen years' professional experience, we'll continue to provide you high quality products and competitive prices. Based on high-level business reputation, we firmly believe that the cooperation between us will get better and better!